The following information is in line with Joint Guidance on Government

Advice for Cemeteries and Crematoria for the Coronavirus outbreak

This information is not exhaustive, and we therefore encourage you to also visit  

Please note that the situation is ever evolving at a fast pace, so further guidance for you will therefore need to be updated in line with Government guidance as and when it is issued.

  1. Funerals – there is currently no ban on gatherings, so funerals can still take place – we encourage you to restrict attendance to close family and friends. And to:
  • Follow the Governments advice to stay at home for 14 days if you have experienced symptoms or live with somebody who is showing symptoms. (The over 70s who have an underlying health problem and pregnant women are particularly encouraged to heed this advice).
  • encourage wider attendees to stay at home and watch the funeral on-line*. We will provide this service at cost to you.

*Please note, alternatively you may wish to hold a memorial service at a later date. 

2. We are working closely with our funeral directors on taking a risk-based approach to attendance, based on current government advice about gatherings. Things for you to consider before attending are:

  • The age profile of the deceased and mourners that may be present
  • the type of funeral that has been requested
  • the potential number of mourners, and

the logistics of the site to carry the funeral out safely, within government guidelines about social distancing

3. We therefore encourage you to:

  • Remain in your car or wait outside (a distance from each other) rather than using the waiting room or gathering outside this room
  • keep a respectful distance away from each other and other attendees
  • leave the opening and closing of the chapel doors to the Crematorium Chapel Attendant
  • wash your hands and/or use sanitiser/wear gloves before entering the chapel

Please note, we will endeavour to provide these items

  • place used tissues in the bin
  • take any order of service sheets away with you after the service
  • wave and/or blow a kiss in favour of touching the coffin as part of your goodbye to the deceased when you leave the chapel

4. And ask you not to:

  • Enter the ceremony hall/chapel (chapel) until asked to do so, by the Chapel Attendant
  • handshaking and/or hug other attendees

Please note: The witness charge of the coffin into the cremator will be limited to the immediate next-of-kin and a maximum of 4 additional relatives/friends.

5. Administration

Opening – the office will be closed to members of the public – we therefore encourage you to make any contact with us via email or telephone – or 01933 229660 respectively.

Service offering – during the expected peak of the outbreak, to meet demand we will be focussing on essential functions only and remind you that a funeral service can occur out of core time (10:00 to 15:00 hours) – for clarity, this means anytime (by request). We will endeavour to hold funerals continuously over 7 days.

Forms – if you are arranging a funeral without the services of a funeral director, please contact us directly for guidance on next steps.

Ashes – witnessed scatterings are by appointment only and will be limited to the immediate next-of-kin and a maximum of 4 additional relatives/friends, which will be carried out by Crematorium staff.

Collections – for ashes, will occur by prior appointment only, with one person making the collection. 

The above temporary arrangements take effect from Monday 23 March 2020 at 0900 hours, and is subject to change as government guidance is received, but if there is anything else you would like to know or if you think we can support you in any way during this uncertain time, please contact a member of the team via or 01933 229660.

With very best wishes from all at Nene Valley Crematorium.

Nene Valley Crematorium is a trading name of Wellingborough Bereavement Services Limited. This is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Borough Council of Wellingborough. The company’s registered office is Swanspool House, Doddington Road, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 1BP, 01933 2297774