Nene Valley Crematorium is a member of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) and operates within the Guiding Principles for Cemeteries and Crematoria. A vital function of the Institute is to set standards of service for the industry, and this has been achieved by the development and implementation of the Charter for the Bereaved. The Charter contains objectives and targets that will help us set priorities for future development and improvement.

You can read more about our code of document policy for corporate members here.

Nene Valley Crematorium – policies

The crematorium is committed to adopting best practice to ensure that cremations take place in a respectful and effective way. It is guided by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematoria Management (ICCM) in its Charter for the Bereaved. Key policies are outlined below. We must also conform to the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, with strict limits on emissions.

“Members of the public can be assured that a company that has adopted the Charter is committed to providing excellent service designed to meet their needs”.

In short The Charter:

Seeks to generate interest in and educate people about bereavement. It also helps to influence the expansion of services and clarify the various roles and responsibilities of those involved;

is a commitment to improving the service by confronting rather than disguising or ignoring death;

is intended to define the rights of every individual who experiences bereavement. In achieving this aim, it also sets standards of service related to burial, cremation and funerals. It is a written statement of what can be expected and enables people to judge the quality of the service received;

seeks to increase the range of choice and options available to the bereaved; and

seeks to enable the bereaved to arrange a meaningful funeral service with a content that meets with their own specific needs and requirements.

Holding over policy

There may be rare occasions when a cremation cannot take place on the day of the funeral and is “held over” until the next day. Details of the reasons for this, and the guidelines followed, are set out in our policy. This is not a standard occurrence and families can opt out of this if they wish to do so.

Recycling of metals

The crematorium has joined the ICCM metals recycling scheme where consent to recycle residual metal is obtained from the applicant for cremation. All proceeds from the scheme are donated to charities, but the family has the right to request that any metals are returned to them after the cremation.

Policy for unacceptable customer behaviour

Although the vast majority of contacts between customers and crematorium staff are conducted in a polite and courteous way it is recognised that confrontational situations can arise.

Complaints Procedure

The Complaints Policy and Procedure provides the framework within which:

  • Anyone who has experienced dissatisfaction with the crematorium’s services can raise their concerns;
  • Staff will deal with complaints from bereaved people, funeral directors, ceremony leaders, contractors, residents, visitors and others, and a process is put in place to ensure continuous improvements to the service provided.