Memorial Gardens and Pathways Project

Exciting news

The grounds at the crematorium are being developed further to include an infrastructure of pathways around the grounds (Garden of Remembrance) and between individual memorial gardens, existing and new. The project also includes the installation of three new memorial gardens to complement the existing Anniversary and Wendleburie gardens.

The team at the crematorium are very excited about this project, which will provide a more pleasing place to visit aesthetically, enable an additional service offering of choice for bereaved people when thinking about the final resting place for their loved one’s ashes, and/or when choosing a fitting memorial in commemoration.

The vision for the Garden of Remembrance is landscaping of this garden with the creation of additional individual themed memorial gardens within – a garden within a garden concept is our aspiration.

The artists impression shows the three memorial gardens, which are for illustration purposes only because the outcome on a name for these gardens and their appearance may change.

Work commences today, (Monday 10 May) and completion is expected within 15 weeks. In the meantime, watch this space for update during this time.