Nene Valley Crematorium aims to cater for the needs of local people, taking into account feedback received from the community and the funeral directors who have worked with us.

We have decided to:

  • Allow 40 minutes for each standard service at the crematorium so that families do not feel rushed;
  • Allow an hour between each service so that there is time to pay final respects to a loved family member in a quiet and tranquil setting;
  • Reduce the fee for off peak funerals (ie funerals which end before 10am and start after 4pm) to provide flexibility and the opportunity to reduce costs;
  • Offer evening and weekend funerals at the same price as during the main part of the day – so there is no additional cost, and this can  fit in with people’s busy working lives;
  • Reduce the cost of the cremation if you have already held a funeral service in another location, and no service is to be held at the crematorium;
  • Provide the opportunity to extend the funeral to provide a more personal and private service  for an additional cost;
  • Offer an opportunity to hold a memorial service without a  cremation;
  • Offer a two line entry in the book of remembrance free of charge for the first year of operation.

Fees have been set as follows and they will be reviewed annually:

Cremation fees

Adult cremation (over 16 years): £899

Child cremation (up to 16 years): no charge

Off peak funerals (to finish before 10am and to start after 4pm): £799

Evening and weekend funerals: £899

No service required at the crematorium: £675

Extended service (total length of 1 hour 20 minutes) : £450

To personalise a funeral (service) we can offer extra time to enable this to happen by providing an extended service time for an additional £450.

Additional optional fees:

Scattering ashes only (witnessed by mourners): £32

Scattering ashes, with a service (40 mins) inside the crematorium: £84

Scattering ashes (no witnesses present): No charge if the cremation took place at Nene Valley Crematorium; other wise the charge will be £32 or £40, depending on where the deceased had lived

Scattering ashes – either witnessed or unwitnessed (where the deceased had not resided in the borough during the past year): £40

Memorial service with no cremation (40 mins) : £450 plus VAT


Nene Valley Crematorium will provide the opportunity to purchase a range of memorials within the grounds which will be designed to meet your needs. Fees for these will be published once they are available.