Services offered by Nene Valley Crematorium


The team at Nene Valley Crematorium are passionate about providing an excellent customer care service in a sensitive way to bereaved people, which is why – for three months – the ashes of your loved one will be cared for by us until you decide on their final resting place.

If it is your choice to collect the ashes we will keep them safe in an appropriate temporary receptacle until you are ready for us to hand them over to you. They will be stored in an eco-friendly scattering tube, which is designed and engineered to simplify the transfer to another receptacle of your choosing, or for scattering of the ashes should you choose to do so.

The scattering tubes contain no metal or plastic parts and can be recycled after use if you so wish – below are examples of the scattering tubes that we use in preference to a plastic polytainer or cardboard box, as we prefer these to the usual receptacles used by many crematoria for the return of ashes.

The cowslip, Northamptonshire’s county flower, features on our company default scattering tube. If you prefer something plainer we will provide a grey coloured scattering tube, and for those who wish to split ashes and scatter in more than one location or on multiple occasions, smaller versions of this scattering tube are available; please inform your funeral director or staff at Nene Valley if the plain grey is your preferred choice.