The team at the crematorium know how important it is for families to remember loved ones at important anniversaries and festivals.

To help with this we can offer several options, depending on your preferences. This part of our specialist service is very much a work in progress and will depend entirely on the landscaping and development of our grounds. Nature cannot be hurried, so we can talk to you about how we are planning to develop this over the longer term when you are making your decisions.

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance will have a temporary home in a small room at the side of the main building. This is to offer a private space for families to view the entry in the book, but is not our long term vision. Because of this we are offering a two line entry in the book free of charge during the first year of operation, hoping that by the end of a year we will have a more permanent solution.

Memorial Gardens

We are lucky to have a large space around the crematorium which we will develop over the next two to three years. Our plan is to have dedicated areas with memorial trees, plants, benches, and walls – to name but a few of the options available. More detail will be available as time progresses, but our initial memorial choices aims to provide choices for families very soon after we open. We are working on landscaping our grounds, following a comprehensive plan to provide a beautiful and peaceful environment looking down over the Nene valley.