Following a recent meeting on Friday 21 May with the project site manager, the following information is an update on works that have been completed this week and works planned for next week.
Looking back – review of week commencing 17 May.

1. Pegging out of the pathway infrastructure and the three memorial gardens.
2. Grounds work to remove soil.
Looking forward – planned works for week commencing 24 May.

1. Delivery of stone
2. Setting out of stones
3. Digging out of pathways opposite the top carpark
4. Stoning up of pathways opposite the top carpark
5. Digging out of pathways adjacent to the solar panels.

(Note: The above preparation type of grounds works will take 5-6 weeks. The removal of the soil has started from the top right-hand side, (as you enter) will continue down to the bottom meadow, and will continue further up the left side of the site adjacent to the Wendelburie garden)