Cherished memories

Our vision for the future landscaping of our grounds is to create, for you, a peaceful and tranquil garden of remembrance – gardens within a garden, to include scattering gardens, a rose garden, individual gardens for self-expression, and water features. These gardens aim to provide choices, meeting both modern and traditional tastes.

Please do feel free to visit us to make your memorial selection. Our dedicated and professional team are here to help, providing you with guidance and support to ensure your wishes for remembering a loved one are right, and what you want. A team member of Nene Valley Crematorium will be pleased to show you the various options that will soon be available. This ranges from the choice of a living memorial such as shrubs and trees, to the book of remembrance, benches, plaques and seats. Alternatively you may wish to collect the ashes in one of our decorative caskets or urns. Or you can choose to have ashes scattered here without a permanent memorial. Whatever option is chosen we give the assurance that the highest level of care will be provided, and you are welcome to visit the garden of remembrance, even if for just quiet reflection.

For further information on any of these memorials, those planned for phases 2 and 3, and details of how to reserve a particular product, please contact, our Events and Commemorations Advisor on 01933 229660; alternatively please provide your contact details to

Book of remembrance

Our exquisitely produced traditional Book of Remembrance is a long lasting and significant record that will give many generations to come a wonderful memory to refer to. Each day the page is turned so that every year the entry is displayed for an anniversary, whether it is the date the person died, their birthday, or perhaps another significant date or anniversary. We will also provide a digital version of the book that can be accessed on site or via our website on the link below.

Benches and seats

These are located around the site and within our Garden of Remembrance. A plaque, with an inscription of your choice, can be placed on a communal seat or alternatively, an individual seat can be leased and can accommodate several plaques to encompass commemoration of several family members and/or friends.

Family and friends individual (private) gardens – for interring of ashes

Here you will find defined, individual, private gardens edged in stone sets with a miniature plant that you select as well as a choice of memorial stone bearing an inscription of your choice. Private gardens are designed for up to two sets of ashes for the couples garden, and larger family gardens can accommodate up to six sets of ashes. The flexibility of this memorial makes it ideal for individualisation within our Heartfelt Family and Friends Garden.

Personal range

Our range of high quality caskets, jewellery, paperweights and urns means you can always keep the ashes of loved ones close to you, and both traditional and modern styles are available. An innovative memory box has spaces for photographs and keepsakes with space for miniature caskets and urns.

Also available are equally beautiful personalised versions of the Book of Remembrance in the form of miniature books and memorial cards that you can keep at home. Both may contain a copy of the original inscription as it appears in the Book of Remembrance reproduced by the same artists and craftspeople. The extra pages in the miniature books will allow you to add future inscriptions so that it can become a family record to be handed through the generations.

Rainbow rose garden – ashes can be scattered on lawn areas to the front of this memorial

Often seen as the favoured form of traditional memorial, our roses will each have their own nameplate and bearing an inscription of your choice to form the communal formal rose beds. Our memorial roses will be of a colour and name to reflect the colours of a rainbow and to provide comfort at a time of quiet reflection when visiting the Rainbow Rose Garden.

Woodland shrubs and trees – for interring or scattering of ashes near to these memorials

There will be many native species of trees to choose from, where a wooden nameplate with an inscription of your choice will be suitably placed. Alternatively, if we do not have a tree of your choice, a plaque on the focal memorial at the entrance to our woodland will also be available.

Woodland plaque

A focal memorial will be situated to the entrance of the woodland, dedicated to commemorate those resting in this area of the gardens.

An individual plaque on this focal memorial, to be placed where you have selected with an inscription of your choice, will be available.

Want to know more?

Please contact a member of the team who will explain more about how you can commemorate your loved one via the range of memorials we plan to offer, and if you would like to supply your contact details for future reference, we will place these details on our waiting list and make contact once the memorial gardens become available – coming soon is a Book of Remembrance and Memorial Wall.